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Līmēta masīvkoka terases



All frame parts for terraces are made of laminated pine solid wood, without any defects, increasing the strength of the construction load, does not change the geometry, does not crack or spin, ensures the functioning of sliding systems and long-term service. When designing constructions, we try to use the hidden fasteners as much as possible and hide the beam end fiber.
Colour. Frame colour is customized and matched to the exterior of the home.

Stiklotas terases

As a roofing material we use 16mm polycarbonate, transparent, white, bronze, or 8mm tempered glass, transparent, tinted and tempered laminated glass. We use aluminum, rubber profiles for fixing the roof material.

Polycarbonate 16mm
Polikarbonāts caurspīdīgs
Polikarbonāts balts
Polikarbonāts bronza
Tempered glass 8mm
Rūdīts stikls
Rūdīts, tonēts stikls
Rūdīts, laminēts stikls

We use sliding aluminum systems as patio glazing:

  • Designed to make profiles at the joints visually create a fine 20mm narrow line, but strong enough for wind loads

  • Aluminum profiles have integrated brush seal that protects glazed space from rain and wind and provides good sound insulation

  • The maximum height of the door is 3.0 m

  • Colour by RAL or RR catalog

  • Glazing 5mm tempered glass

  • Aluminium sliding systems are equipped with locks

  • Maximum opening up to 75%

Bīdāmās sistēmas terasēm

It is possible to install a patio floor by choosing between the polymer - wood boards, pine or larch terrace boards. Pine and larch colour can be selected from Teknos patio oil catalog.

WPC decking boards
Tumši brūni polimēra dēļi
Melni polimēra dēļi
Gaiši brūni polimēra dēļi
Tumši pelēki polimēra dēļi
Sarkani polimēra dēļi
Dzelteni polimēra dēļi
Gaiši pelēki polimēra dēļi
Pine decking boards
Larch decking boards
Priedes terases dēļi
Lapegles terases dēļi

On the basis of existing concrete, we use galvanized metal feet, which are embedded in the terrace construction, if the terrace is planned in a place where there is no foundation, then screw piles are used instead of concrete.


Main Advantages of screw piles - speed of installation, no need for pre-installation, possibility to dismantle or move them quickly if necessary. The foundations of screw piles are an environmentally friendly solution, no excavation of land, damaged lawn or greenery, and unnecessary debris. Easy to install in areas where heavy equipment is difficult to access and can be installed in all weather conditions.

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